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The 7 Types of Windows

Aluminium windows are available in many styles and configurations that will suit every style of home.


Sliding windows have one or more fixed or moving sashes. A “sash” refers to the glass and framework that hold the glass in place.

They can be opened or closed, as the name implies, by moving the sash or sashes to the left or right.

The most popular type of window found in Australian homes is the sliding one. They are simple and easy to use because of their functional design. You can also get them in larger sizes. This makes them an excellent choice for improving the ventilation of your home, natural light, and views out to the outside.


The windows of awning windows are only able to open to a certain degree. This makes them ideal for those who want to open windows in the rain.

Awning windows can swing open by using a hinge at the top of their frames. You can open them partially or completely (and close them) by turning a winder.

They can be installed above, below, alongside, or next to fixed windows. They are a versatile addition that can enhance any home’s design.


With their wide-swing openings and aesthetically appealing appearance, casement windows are a long-time favourite for many people.

Casement windows can be hinged on either the right or left side. They swing outwards just like hinged doors. You may find one or more sashes in a single frame.

They allow you to adjust the ventilation level in your home. You can direct strong or soft breezes through them by opening them at specific angles.


Double-hung windows have two panels that can slide up or down within the frame.

They stay within the frame so that they don’t protrude when opened.

Double-hung windows are ideal for controlling the airflow in your home because they can be opened from both the top and bottom.

Sometimes they are called “sash windows”, but regardless of their name, all three work the same way.


Louvre windows are made of horizontal blades of glass, timber, or aluminium that are fixed between the frame.

The blades can be opened and closed by moving a small lever upward and downward.

You can create striking or subtle looks depending on the material you choose, which makes them versatile.

These are ideal for rooms with limited wall space and ventilation requirements, such as bathrooms or toilets.


Bifold windows, the ideal servery window, are a favourite feature in kitchens.

These panels are made up of two or more hinged panels, which can be joined at the sides. They can be hinged on either the left or right side or both. The panels can be opened to either one or both sides.

Bi-fold windows are sometimes called “concertina Windows” or “folding Windows”. They maximise openings and set them apart from other windows, which only open halfway or swing open to a fixed extent.


Fixed windows cannot be opened.

These windows allow light in and provide views to the outside. They can be used as an independent product or in combination with operable windows.

You can have them in almost any shape you like, such as a square, rectangle or arch, circle, triangle or combination of both.

You might consider making a wall into a panoramic view from the outside world with fixed floor-to-ceiling windows if you are working on a grand design project.

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