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Theres a few ways we can quote. Rest assured we are competitive in quoting!

If its a house usually it depends on how many storeys and bedrooms. This price is usually fixed however every house is different. If you have extras just ask us and we can give you an upfront idea.

For Shopfront usually its per window – the cost is a lot lower than a house however many shop owners prefer regular cleaning to make their goods sparkle!

For Construction jobs we usually go out on site and look. We can give a rough estimate on the phone however the condition of the window usually dictates how long it will take to clean.

We use the latest technology in window cleaning. This includes Water Fed System which uses negative charge resin to brush dirt straight off your window.

We use environmentally friendly solutions where we can so we dont harm plants or furniture and floors.

Often the best way to clean a window is with quality rubbers and specially designed squeegees. We have the latest equipment for this.

We don’t use any harsh chemicals. Most of our cleaning products are environmentally friendly.

Yes! Because our solutions are not harsh they do not mark furniture or carpets etc. We take a lot of care not to mark any of our clients assets.

Yes! By the end of the job if you’re not happy with something or want something done just a little different just let one of our friendly workers know so we can give you that satisfaction.