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Why Do I Need Window Cleaning In Brisbane?

At Wishy Washy Windows, we highly recommend window cleaning in Brisbane.

For example many people today comment on how hard it is to keep their windows clean. You may have pets, handle food or shed skin resulting in dirty windows.

Consequently it impacts the amount of light the window lets in. Additionally it can even make your house/office appear untidy or even unclean.

With this in mind it can be quite difficult and time consuming to clean them yourself. For this very reason we clean windows!

When we perform our window clean the whole room is brighter in particular the colour scheme.

We enjoy the challenged of taking dirty windows and turning them into fresh, clean beautiful ones. For instance many of our clients comment on their joy of looking out a cleaned window.

In the light of all that (get it?) click here to see our full list of services.

WASH ME!, hand written dust word on dirty window
From this
A hand with a squeegee washes dirt off a window
To this

Have a 2 storey or more house or office in or around Brisbane?

It is for one thing a challenge to clean a single storey but what about 2 or more?

If you have a window at height or in particular; a window above a congested area, thats no problems!

Do you own a shop/office that needs window cleaning in Brisbane? Attract new customers and keep staff happy.

Worried that your windows are too high? Don’t stress! Our extendable poles can reach those pesky high places.
Young attractive girl washes window with an extension pole

Do we just do window cleaning?

We certainly do more; such as cleaning tracks, screens, panels and solar panels. If requested we can also do house washing and other bits of cleaning.

Window tracks and frames often fill up with dead flies or dirt and dust resulting in a window that is hard to open and close.

Above all we try to give you quality window cleaning in the Brisbane area.  Hence you can expect a cleaner who will respect your property and do a great job.

Cleaning window tracks with a brush

Why should I get my windows cleaned?

First, many people are amazed how great it looks after their windows are cleaned. In reality, some of our clients never realised how dirty their windows were until we cleaned them!

Second, having clean windows in Brisbane greatly affects hygiene. As an example some people have developed allergies from not cleaning their tracks! Our solution to that is providing a special resin to clear all dust particles.

Third, we take the time to perform a duty many people do not have time for. Occasionally people schedule to clean their own windows but in reality many people do not have the time.

In conclusion please give us a call if you’re having trouble with your windows.

Additionally, click here for a step by step guide if you want to try it at home.

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