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Make A Room Look Larger – 8 Insane Budget Tips

Stuck Making a Room Look Larger? We’ve Got 8 Budget Tips

Make a room look larger

As more people try to simplify their lives and live in smaller spaces, micro-living and downsizing are becoming popular. How can you make a room look larger? Living in a smaller house has many benefits. You can enjoy a lower price, less running costs, and easier cleaning. You can feel more at home in smaller spaces, which means you will need less decorative and furniture. Small homes are a more practical and beautiful alternative to MacMansion-style living.

Although you might prefer to live in a smaller apartment or even a townhouse, many people still value the feeling of having space. It is one thing to live in a small house, but it’s another to feel cramped, crowded and almost claustrophobic.

You don’t have to build walls or find creative ways to increase the space in your home. These tips will help you to focus less on the small dimensions of your home and more on its style.

Want to know how to make a living room look bigger and brighter? How about how to make a small living room look bigger?

Once you try these suggestions: Be sure to take some photos if you want to know how to make a small room look bigger before and after. It will give you some perspective.




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A colour pallet showing different colours

What colors make a room look bigger and brighter? How can you use colours to make a room look larger? Natural light will be reflected in lighter colours, which will make space feel bigger. On the other hand, darker colours will make the space feel smaller and more intimate. A lighter and more open feeling is what you want. Consider whites, creams, and pale greys.

Using one colour will enhance the space’s proportions. You can paint the trims of the skirting, windows, and doors in a lighter shade than the rest of your room if you want to add some variety.

Consider the other surfaces in your space, including your floors, when choosing paint colours. It is important to ensure that the colours are consistent. This will help create visual cohesion and balance, rather than highlighting differences between surfaces.



How can flooring make a room look larger? It will make your home feel larger by using the same flooring throughout. The best thing about floorboards is that they can be used in all rooms, including the bedrooms and kitchen.

Rugs are a great way to add warmth and texture without visually shrinking your space. Avoid choosing something too decorative when selecting a rug. Instead, choose a simple design. For example, a vertically striped rug will add interest but not be too busy. It will also make the space seem larger if the stripes run the length of the room.


Make A Room Look Larger - 8 Insane Budget Tips

If you don’t have the option of knocking down walls to make larger openings, taking off internal doors may be an option. Your doors opening into a room can take up valuable floor space and disrupt the flow of your home. You can either remove the entire door or replace it with a sliding one.

Every millimetre counts in small spaces. This simple modification could be useful in rooms with cupboards on hinges, such as bathroom cabinets or bedroom closets.


Make A Room Look Larger - 8 Insane Budget Tips

How can small windows make a room look larger? Valances and curtains made of luxurious fabrics can make small rooms feel smaller.

You can opt for simple window treatments like rolling blinds made from the same fabric that the walls. This will let you cover your window without taking up too much space.

If you want curtains to be hung on the ceiling, you can install a track instead of the walls. To increase the height of the room, use a light fabric like linen and hang your curtains to the ceiling. This is especially useful in rooms that don’t need full block-out window treatments.



Mirrors are a great way to increase the size of your rooms if you have a limited budget or want to create a feeling of space. Mirrors work by retracing the sunlight and allowing it to bounce around in the room, creating the illusion of more space.

If you are feeling bold, installing mirrors, wall-to-wall can be a good idea. However, if this is not possible, a few full-length mirrors hung against a wall or a few on the wall can still be effective and more permanent.

Artfully place the mirrors in a way that they reflect light from the outside.



Many people make a mistake when decorating small spaces. Although a large modular sofa with deep cushions may not be the best choice, it can make your space seem larger.

When choosing furniture for a small space, be thoughtful. Choose fewer bold pieces in simple fabrics and less. You should invest in furniture that is versatile, such as an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table and a coffee table with built-in storage.

Look for a sofa that is higher than the ground if you are looking for a sofa to fit in your small living space. Choose dining chairs with an open frame when searching for the right ones. Switch to a round dining table instead of a rectangular one. These are just a few of the tricks that can give the illusion of more space by changing your furniture.

You should also consider how you place your furniture. Your small furniture will make a room look larger. It should be spaced so that it can breathe. Move the furniture slightly away from the wall. Instead of pushing your bed into one corner, angle your bed so that it is in the middle of the room. Side tables can be used to flank a sofa, rather than large coffee tables that could block the flow of the room.



Finally, be careful how you decorate your space. You may have been able to decorate your home with endless decorative items like art, books, and figurines in a larger house.


clean window

Making a small room look more spacious is a common interior design dilemma we all face. Keeping your windows clean will help to bring in more natural light into the room, making it appear larger. A dark or unnaturally lit space will look smaller compared to a room or office that have beautiful natural light flowing in from ultra-clean windows. This can also help with keeping your electricity bills down as well as less need for artificial lighting. Wishy Washy Windows is a Brisbane based professional window cleaning business. We are fully insured and trained.

If you want to make smaller spaces feel larger, you will need to be more selective with what you display. You should choose a few things you treasure to display in the room, rather than a collection of all your favourites. After you have arranged the items, you can remove one or two to achieve the right balance of visual interest and restraint.

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