Woman cleans her own windows which are streak free

Window Cleaning Without Streaks on a Budget: 5 Best Money-Saving Tips

Window Cleaning Without Streaks on a Budget: Our Best Money-Saving Tips

Window Cleaning Without Streaks on a Budget: 5 Best Money-Saving Tips

When cleaning, one of the most disliked chores is cleaning the windows. It’s a job that most find time consuming and sometimes difficult to achieve a clean looking window without leaving behind residue and streaks. Fortunately, a window cleaner in Brisbane can eliminate the chore of window cleaning and give tips to keep windows streak free and clean.

After cleaning it can be discouraging to find left behind streaks, but luckily it can be easily fixed. The first step to achieve clean windows is to make sure they are being cleaned often. Having windows properly cleaned routinely can prevent dirt and grime build up, making it easier to clean in the future.

Achieving clean windows can be achieved in different ways, there are many different options on the market including professional services. Each product and service will give various results depending on the type of glass and the location.

1. Window Cleaning without streaks – By Yourself!

If cleaning windows on your own, the first type is to start by gathering supplies and making sure you have the proper equipment and tools in order to clean the windows properly. For example, commonly used supplies are buckets of water, dish soap, vinegar solution, drying cloths, etc.

It’s important to have all the necessary cleaning supplies ready BEFORE cleaning, this will make sure that you are prepared and won’t get left in the middle of the job with streaks or half washed windows.

Exterior windows are most likely much dirtier than interior windows. The glass outside has to experience environmental factors such as dirt, pollen, rain, etc. This means that the exterior glass needs more attention and requires heavier cleaning than interior windows.

When cleaning outdoor windows it’s important to choose an overcast cloudy day. When there is direct sunlight or too much sun most window cleaning solutions will dry before being able to be dried properly and will leave behind residue and streaks. A great way to determine if it’s too hot outside is to touch the glass of the windows, if it feels warm to the touch the best way is to wait for a cooler day.

For windows that are hard to reach there are many tools on the market such as;

  1.  A telescopic pole, that have a scrub like brush attached that extend to different lengths making it easier to reach higher up places.
  2.  Another option is to use a ladder to reach high windows, however this can sometimes be a dangerous option and should be left to a professional to keep it safe.

2. Home solutions for window cleaning

Window Cleaning Without Streaks on a Budget: 5 Best Money-Saving Tips

One of the most common answers on the internet when searching for how to clean glass windows is to use a solution of white vinegar. This is a non toxic and antibacterial option that is often beneficial to the surfaces it touches. It does a great job of killing germs and keeping areas clean without using chemicals or harsh smelling products.

White vinegar is good for a cleaner due to its acidic nature. The vinegar quickly breaks down the film that is often found on glass. It can be used for different types of windows, including interior and exterior. Often people pair white vinegar with a solution of baking soda, this has been found to clean the grimest areas and leave behind a shiny clean.

Deep cleaning windows is a chore that should be done at least twice a year to ensure clean windows and better air flow. Throughout the year dirt and debri often build up and leave behind germs, they often accumulate in the window tracks and other hard to reach areas. A great way to clean these window tracks is to use a specialised white vinegar formula, and clean using a q tip or old brush. This will make sure those hard to reach areas get deeply cleaned.

To limit the amount of times windows need to be cleaned is to maintain a regular cleaning schedule, whether it’s on your own or by a professional service. Dusting window sills and frames once a week will reduce the amount of dust that makes its way in the tracks.

When deep cleaning it’s important to gather your materials first, this makes the process easier and allows you to get it done quicker. A popular way to eliminate the loose debris and dirt is to use a vacuum before window cleaning solutions. If using the vinegar solution, it’s important to prepare it before cleaning and letting the solution sit and get ready to eliminate the germs.

After vacuuming, applying the cleaning solution and letting the window dry, it’s a great idea to give it a final wipe down using a paper towel or letting it air dry completely, making sure there are no streaks or residue behind. Properly maintaining clean windows will make deep cleaning easier every time.

3. Why Still Streaks?

Dirty and grime on windows can be overlooked and not noticeable sometimes, however streaky windows are something that is noticeable immediately. Having clean windows is necessary for a business, and can give an extra benefit of curb appeal to homeowners. Streaks or residue left behind on windows can be caused by inefficient cleaning, poor technique, or bad products.

A common reason for window streaking is the type of cleaner that is being used, not all window solutions perform the same. There are many on the market that claim they are streak free but leave behind residue and streaks. One thing that is common is the temperature outside when cleaning windows, it’s important to clean them on a cloudy day. This will help reduce the amount of streaks that could be left behind. Fully removing the liquid that could be left behind can also result in streaks left behind. Taking time and going slow is crucial to keep those clean streak free windows.

4. What If I Have Streaks Left After My Window Cleaning?

Window Cleaning Without Streaks on a Budget: 5 Best Money-Saving Tips

If streaks are present after cleaning there are ways to remove them. One way is using a dry microfiber cloth, this has been known to eliminate fingerprints and streaks. Another way is to use a small amount of whatever cleaning supply chosen and clean small areas thoroughly to get rid of streaks left.

Window cleaning is a job that can take knowledge and time to achieve a streak free appearance. Professional window cleaners use expert tools and products that sometimes are not available to the public.

If choosing to hire a professional window cleaner it’s important to make sure they are insured and have good reviews. These professionals are going to be in your home and it’s crucial that you trust them and create a bond.

5. Costs Of a Professional Window Cleaner

Honestly, if you’re struggling at this point or you’re just over it…the last tip is to hire a professional.

The average price of a professional window cleaner is different based on location and size of the windows, however expect to pay from $50 – $100 an hour. Some window cleaners are faster/more effective than others. There are some that charge based on individual windows they clean or quote per house size etc. Prices can also vary depending on the amount of cleaning that is required, sometimes the dirtier the windows are the pricer it can get due to labor costs. Window cleaning can sometimes cover a range of different services. It’s recommended to discuss with who you’re employing to discover the amount that is expected.

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