How to Remove Paint from Windows

How to Remove Paint from Windows

Painting the trim around your windows can make any room look brighter and more inviting. It can be a pain when you spend a lot of time and effort applying painters tape to the glass. Forget about it if you have split light windows. It’s best to have someone to pawn it to. We could tell you it’s OK to paint outside the lines and that removing paint from glass is easier than preventing it. You can have flawless windows with a few easy tools and techniques.

 The number one rule when removing paint from windows is to not scrape or scrub the glass once it has dried. To avoid scratching, you should always use a lubricating product. A mixture of household products, such as vinegar and water, can provide the most common solution. You can use your favourite glass cleaner to provide the moisture you need to make the tools glide across the glass. Our WG57 Glass Cleaner has no ammonia and a clinging foam that allows you to see exactly where it was applied. This helps you remove paint and shows you where more is needed. Ask your Genie to get a few cans!

 There are many tools that you can use. A Triumph Scraper is the best choice. It’s designed to remove paint from windows and is simple to use. Plastic options are available that will not accidentally cut you if you want something safer. Scraperite plastic razor knives are our favourite – they look just like a regular razor blade but are safer. They won’t perform as well on tough glass jobs as steel, but they are worth a try. These are particularly effective at removing paint drips from surfaces like your wood floor or wall.

You can also use straight-edge blades. This super-fine grade is preferred over blades by some. Although it is claimed to increase the risk of scratching, it can be used properly with a clean, fresh pad and can remove a lot of paint in a short time.

Here are some techniques we can recommend:

  • Always keep the blade at 45 degrees to the glass
  • Push the blade towards the frame but don’t push into the gasket. This could cause your seals to be broken.
  • After making a pass, lift the blade and don’t drag it back and forth.

We hope that you are now more prepared to remove the pesky paint from your windows. But call a professional if in doubt.

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