Keep the cold out! Insulate your Windows

Keep the cold out! Insulate your Windows

Nothing is worse than being shivered by cold air rushing through your arms while you sit next to a drafty window in winter. Your furnace will need to work harder to keep the cold air from entering your home. But what can you do other than replace your windows? There are many ways to reduce your window heat loss. Here are some ways to insulate your windows for better home comfort, energy savings, and lower heating bills.

Door Sweeps & Draft Stoppers

These simple fabric tubes, also known as “draft snakes”, are placed at the bottom to stop cold air from entering the window. These are best used with double-hung windows as they are more susceptible to leakage along the bottom. The new rubber door sweeps can also be used to prevent drafts from exterior doors.

Insulating curtains & blinds

Window treatments that act as a blanket can be used to protect the glass from the cold. There are many options:

  • Shades of honeycomb or cellular: The thin blind material is made up of pockets of air that create an insulated effect.
  • Fleece-lined curtainsTo insulate your windows and allow some light through, look for floor-length curtains that are labeled “draft stoppers”.
  • Blackout curtainsHang thick, blackout curtains to create a darkening and insulating effect in bedrooms.

Caulk & Weatherstripping

Caulk comes in a disposable cartridge and is a waterproof, flexible sealer. There are many types of caulk available. Make sure to read the label carefully. To fill in any gaps around your doors and windows, apply the caulk in a continuous, straight line.

Install weatherstripping in the jams and sashes to make your windows and doors more secure. Weatherstripping is supplied in rolls and must be cut to the required length. Clean the area to be applied and then press the adhesive side down. Weatherstripping of high quality should last many years.

Storm Windows

Storm windows can be installed as an exterior attachment, or an interior panel. They reduce air filtration through glass by adding an additional pane. This upgrade is much cheaper than replacing windows and can pay off in lower energy bills within two-four years.

DIY Window Film

This kit is often referred to as an “insulation kit for windows” that prevents drafts during winter. The kit is basically a sheet of plastic that you attach to your window frame. After the plastic is in place, blow dry it to make a shrink-wrapped effect.

Although the idea behind insulation is to put an extra layer between your glass and your home’s windows, there are many problems that can arise.

  • Plastic can become bulging as the seasons progresses, making it unsightly.
  • You may damage your window frames by using the tape.
  • Mold growth can be caused by condensation between the window and the plastic.
  • You can’t open the window because of the plastic blockage.

Professional Window Film

It is a better choice to apply window film . This is a low-e coating that can be applied to your windows. It’s a fraction the price of new windows. It works by reflecting heat or light in the same direction as it originated. This means that in winter, more heat from your furnace stays where it belongs.

The film will stay on your windows for life, which reduces summer glare and lowers cooling costs. This film is long-lasting and will improve the comfort and efficiency in your home for many more years.

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