Does Window Film Save Energy & Reduce Costs

Does Window Film Save Energy & Reduce Costs?

Don’t you want to have more energy-efficient windows? Dodge high window replacement costs whilst experiencing energy savings with window film. This is one of the simplest, most cost-effective ways to lower your energy bills, as long as you pick the right product and have it installed accurately.

Picking the Correct Window Tint Product

If you hope to maximise energy efficiency all throughout the year, it’s essential to choose a high-quality window film. After all, cheap DIY window tinting is predisposed to bubbling, peeling, crazing, delaminating, and cracking, all while neglecting to give the benefits you anticipate. For your peace of mind, professional residential window film has a lifetime warranty, and commercial utilisation comes with a 10-year warranty.

You may find types of professional window films created to enhance solar control and insulation. These incorporate:

  • Metalized or dual-reflective window film: Microscopic bits of metal in the window layer reflect UV light and heat comparable to a mirror. This decreases interior heat accumulation and glare and produces a better appearance of the outside. Improved privacy is another possible benefit as passersby are more inclined to see their reflection than the contents of your house.
  • Dyed, pigment, or hybrid window film: With this choice, a special combination of dyes and pigments absorb the sun’s rays. As the film absorbs light first than reflecting it, the window does not take on a mirror-like appearance from the exterior. The effect is a more natural appearance that many homeowners may favour. Be conscious that this type of window film may strain the glass in very hot or sunny environments. It is also slightly less effective than metalised window film.
  • Ceramic or fine metal window film: Ceramic is one of the most long-lasting, heat-absorbent materials in use now. You’ll find it in everything from heating components to spacecraft insulation. In window tint products, ceramic gives unmatched clarity for all the heat-blocking and energy-efficiency advantages you want without negatively influencing your view or decreasing the incoming light.

Window Film Saves Energy and Money

No matter what type of window film you install, the goal is the same, to reflect heat back to the cause. Here’s how this influences your energy bills and home comfort level in various seasons:

  • In the summertime, window film bounces UV rays, decreasing interior heat gain by up to 70 per cent. This drives some of the load off your air conditioner, reducing your cooling bills by 5 to 10 per cent.
  • In the wintertime, window film reflects heat back to the inside, keeping it inside where it belongs throughout the colder months of the year.

By blocking UV rays, window films also decrease glare and fading. This way, you can still experience natural light flowing into your home without squinting or fretting about your carpet and furniture fading.

Schedule Professional Window Film Installation

As you can understand, professional window tinting is a long-lasting resolution that increases home comfort and window efficiency for many years to come. Just remember that precise installation is crucial. High-quality window film can be a pain to work with, so for the best outcomes, leave the job to a qualified window film installer.

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