How To Clean Windows That Don’t Open

How To Clean Windows That Don’t Open?

Window cleaning is a task that doesn’t need to be complicated. Nevertheless, when you have an upstairs window that does not open, attempting to figure out how to get the outside clean can be a real puzzle.

There are ways to clean windows that don’t open, such as going on the roof or a ladder, using a telescopic pole, or utilising a magnetic window cleaner. Yet, many of these techniques are not ideal. For instance, scaling the roof is not something everyone should do, and it may be challenging to reach windows from that perspective. So, you are probably asking yourself, “How do I clean windows that don’t open?”

Safety First

The most crucial thing to recognise when contemplating a job like this is your safety. While window cleaning is relatively easy for novices, there is a reason people hire professionals to clean the glass on the secondary and third floors. There is constantly the danger of falling. In fact, according to the research by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has found falls from ladders were the most frequent “Do-It-Yourself” injury.

That’s why it is invariably better to hire professionals to clean your top floor windows. They are specifically taught to do this kind of high–altitude cleaning. They have the tools to secure their safety. The odds are you don’t have a rigging to keep you secure on a ladder, so it is invariably best to leave this sort of job to people who do.

Can You Remove the Pane?

If you choose to try cleaning that difficult to open window yourself, you can attempt a couple of things. One of these approaches is removing the window pane. But, your capacity to do this safely will rely on what type of windows your house or business has. If you have more modern windows, you should separate the pane with a few screws. Should you prefer this method, be sure to secure the pane with a piece of solid tape so you have something to grasp it as you unscrew it.

Still, removing the pane may be especially challenging if you have older, wood-framed windows. It will need cutting the glass out of the frame. At that time, it might be better to replace the pane completely. For those who have these more old-fashioned windows, hiring a professional is the best choice.

Get a Ladder

Another technique of cleaning a window that doesn’t open is to get on a ladder and wash it manually. While this may be the most apparent solution, it is also the most deadly. Ladders are not something that should be taken easily. It is incredibly easy to fall and be severely injured if the ladder is not used correctly.

One of the hazards of using a ladder to clean windows that don’t open is that force will need to be used on the glass. This pressure can indeed cause you to lose your balance on the ladder. Without all the safety gear that a professional has access to, it is not the choice you will want to go with.

Telescopic Poles

A telescoping pole is an additional option for cleaning a window that doesn’t open. These shafts can have cleaning equipment fastened to them and can be stretched many feet in length. This more extended range will enable you to clean the window from down on the ground.
Nevertheless, telescoping poles can be especially expensive.

They are a relatively significant investment, and if you don’t have to clean your windows more than a few times a year, they might not be worth the cash. They also need an incredible abundance of coordination and practice, leading to less than adequate results.

Magnetic Window Cleaners

Magnetic window cleaners are tools that have two separate cleaning surfaces. One goes on the exterior of the window, and the other stays on the interior. They stick collectively through the glass and can be moved on the surface of the windowpane.
While these magnetic window cleaners look like an inventive solution, they do not help if your window doesn’t open. If you can’t get to the outside covering in the first place, there is no way for you to connect one side of the magnetic cleaner. They additionally lack the control required to create a clean window pane.

All of these solutions point to be more pain than they are worth. Many of them are incapable or downright dangerous. If you need to get the best achievable results, it is best to hire a professional. Wishy Washy Window Cleaning in Brisbane can help you get your windows looking as good as new and do so cautiously and efficiently.

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