is window cleaning services in brisbane worth it

Is Professional Window Cleaning Worth it?

Usually, people think of having their windows expertly cleaned as an indulgence, and they seldom think it is required. The fact is, window cleaning can be an important constituent in your windows, lasting to their full lifespan in the long term. With professional window cleaning services, you will get more significant results than arranging it yourself. In some situations, it may even be more affordable to hire a professional when you weigh your valuable time and the price of running out and buying all the tools needed to perform the job. Also, some window cleaning professionals give other exterior home services as well, like pressure washing and roof cleaning, and may give you a bundle deal.

What Does Window Cleaning Include?

  • Window wash phase 1: We start washing your windows operating on the inside and outside at the same time, depending on the variety and style of your house’s windows. This will get all of the movable and simple to remove stains off of the windows.
  • Window wash phase 2: Next, we apply our window cleaning recipe with a wet mop to disturb the dirt. This step is where we get into the craftsmanship of our specialised cleaning formula. It loosens up the even more challenging to reach debris.
  • Window wash phase 3: We then use commercial handheld razor blades that carefully scrape all remaining stuck-on debris. We replicate brushing the glass with our wet mop.
    • Clean Glass: Using a skilled movement, we squeegee the glass clear, free of dirt and streaks and resembling the day you first walked in.
    • Finishing Up: Finally, we wipe the sides of the window and sills and finish by locking your newly cleaned window closed, ready to experience the clear view.
    • Inspection: We look over every window we have washed and let you know if we see anything out of the normal. We will let you know if we see any cracked seals, scratches, or any visible building damage.
    • Clean up: We want to be sure we leave the remainder of your home as clean as we noticed it. We guarantee that everything is put back in its own place.

When Should Windows Be Washed?

For Homes and Residential

For Residential window cleaning, Springtime is a good time to begin considering having your windows cleaned. Over time your windows get built up with dirt, grime, pollution and whatever else the winter period exposed them to. Nevertheless, beyond common belief, your windows can be cleaned any period of the year and no, the rain will not make them dirty repeatedly! Dirt makes your windows dirty, not rain. In truth, rain helps preserve the cleanliness of your windows, as it reduces the levels of dirt, pollen and pollution drifting around in the air and thus preventing those particles from landing on your windows. You can have your windows cleaned regularly, depending on your situation.

Commercial Property Types

For Commercial window cleaning, retail store and office buildings are a different story from residential properties. These types need more frequent cleaning because they have higher traffic and more air pollution than homes do. Also, first impressions last, in a commercial environment, having consistently cleaned windows can improve customer and employee morale. Regular window cleaning services for the Brisbane area for commercial type properties should be undertaken at least twice a month.

Industrial Property Types

For Industrial window cleaning, this is similar to commercial types. Factories, warehouses, sheds and manufacturing plants have increased exposure to air pollutants and dirt for processes undertaken in this type of property. Also, many of these premises have internal and exterior offices, reception areas, and amenities with windows. And again, this can help boost morale and first impressions of employees and customers.

Why Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

Every home or business has different levels of demand when it comes to window cleaning. However, here are just a few benefits of getting your windows cleaned:

  • Curb Appeal. Whether you are planning to sell your home or attempting to get new customers in your business, having clean windows helps your overall presentation from the outside and from the inside. Grime can disguise the incoming light and grow an unsightly distraction to your visitors or possible customers.
  • Increase the Life of Your Windows. Professional cleaning eliminates corrosive elements and possible mould from your windows, seals, and window frames, decreasing the likelihood of future harm, sparing you money on expensive repairs and replacements.
  • Retain Window Performance. Professional window cleaners often examine each window for any broken window seals, which can frequently lead to air leaks, fogging and condensation, producing higher energy bills.
  • Safety. The risk of ladder-climbing while washing is the most prominent safety reason to get your windows professionally cleaned, but there are additional not so obvious reasons as well. One of the benefits of getting a professional to inspect your windows is making sure your window gutters are unclogged. Clogged windows can stop you from opening them in a fire emergency and potentially saving lives and preventing injury.

How Do I Prepare For Window Cleaning?

Some of the points you can do to prepare for a window cleaning incorporate:

  • Clean your curtains or blinds of dust that may come into touch with your clean windows.
  • Move any private belongings or fragile objects away from the windows and remove any accessories hanging on the windows.
  • Examine your window screens and shutters to decide if you would like them cleaned as well. Wishy Washy Windows has a separate inexpensive service for window screen cleaning if you require it.

How Much Does Professional Window Cleaning Cost?

Depending on how many windows you have, type, your property structure, whether you need the windows cleaned on the interior and the exterior, how dirty they are and other factors. All these factors come into play when getting a quote. Don’t despair though, Wishy Washy Windows offers the most competitive costs and prices in Brisbane.

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