Here are the Best Tips for Window Cleaning with a Squeegee

Here are the Best Tips for Window Cleaning with a Squeegee

Window cleaning doesn’t have to be rocket science. We’ll be the first ones to admit it!

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that some methods are better than others. There are many window cleaning methods that you have heard of. These include homemade cleaners, using coffee filters, newspapers, and even diapers to clean the glass. These may be fine, but you should know that you can recycle newspapers and keep your baby’s diapers (those are costly, we know!). You only need a SQUEEGEE to do quick, streak-free window cleaning in this spring cleaning season.

Although the squeegee is a well-known tool in window cleaning, you won’t find many in your home’s cleaning supply bin. The majority of people’s first experience with squeegees is with the double-sided, dirty tools in the hang mop bucket at the gas station. We thought it would be a great tool for cleaning glass and other flat surfaces. Here’s a brief history and some tips for beginners!

The 18th century saw the emergence of the squeegee as a tool for sailors who needed to clean the decks of their ships. The humble squeegee is even featured in Herman Melville’s classic American Renaissance novel Moby Dick, where it is called a “squilgee”.

Here’s how to keep your windows looking sparkling in between WishyWashy Windows appointments.

  • Get a squeegee.
  • Buy a window mop/strip washer
  • Grab a bucket and some dish soap
  • Practice, practice and practice!

A small squeegee can be purchased at most home improvement shops – or Amazon. WishyWashy Windows is a big fan of the Ettore and Unger brands.

Although there are no secrets to this (it’s not rocket science), it is important to practice. You’ll eventually develop muscle memory, and the chore will be second nature. We love to use snake-like, sweeping motions. You may get streaky results if you drag the squeegee across the glass. Your arms will also tire quickly. There are many DIY window cleaning methods on the internet. However, we prefer to use a simple solution of water mixed with a few drops of dishwashing detergent.

You can always hire a professional if you find this blog post on window cleaning too boring. It can be overwhelming to think about spring cleaning. 

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