What chores should you leave to professionals

What chores should you leave to professionals?

While most people are capable of managing their home’s to-do lists, how many have the time, resources, or desire to clean your windows, roof, siding, and gutters? However, ladders can be dangerous and hazardous if you don’t have experience with pressure washers. These chores are often overlooked, but they don’t have to be!

Pressure wash with a professional

Do-it-yourself pressure washers are most likely to make a mistake by applying too much pressure. Although it is easy to underestimate how powerful jet water can be, this could cause damage to your home and even lead to injury. Too much pressure can make everything wet and leave little to be removed. Do not waste time guessing when you have a large job like this. You are better off hiring a professional if you don’t know much about this.

Get a professional to clean your gutters.

Cleaning the gutters was one of my least favourite chores growing up. It can be scary to climb a ladder, and it can be quite distressing to see the disgusting things you find there. Most people don’t clean their gutters. It can be a pain, and most people have the “out-of-sight, out of mind” mentality. The truth is that your gutters are the lifeblood of your home. You can end up in serious trouble if you ignore your gutters.

To avoid irreversible and costly damage to your home, a good maintenance program calls for at least 2 clean-outs per year. Cracked foundations and basement water problems are caused by overflowing gutters. Failure to maintain gutters can lead to costly repairs to your home. If you don’t have the right equipment, climbing ladders or walking on roofs could be dangerous. You are better off hiring a professional if you don’t know much about this.

Get your windows cleaned by a professional!

Window cleaning can be a difficult task! Window cleaning is a tedious task that many people put off. The most popular at-home window cleaning methods are vinegar, ammonia, Windex, and paper towels. You can also use a newspaper, baby diaper, or even a newspaper. An inexperienced window cleaner could cause damage to the window, and the chemicals can prove dangerous.

Worst, after a long, labour-intensive day of cleaning windows, you may find your windows covered in ugly streaks. Squeegeeing is a skill that requires more than you think. It can be difficult to learn if you already exhaust yourself by moving your ladder and supplies around.

Wishy Washy Windows is a professional residential window cleaner that will save you time and reduce safety hazards. Wishy Washy Windows has decades of experience and has cleaned hundreds of windows to unsurpassed standards. Do not waste your time or money on sub-par work.

Contact the Wishy Washy Windows team today and let us take care of all your window cleaning needs in Brisbane and protect your home and family!

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