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Kid-Proof Windows: How to get Marker and Crayon out of Windows

Many parents and babysitters answered the phone or looked away, only to return and see the most beautiful artwork on the windows. Do not despair. It’s not as bad as you might think. Let’s look at some ways that we can help children express their creative side while also cleaning out glass windows.

These are some helpful options.

Here are some options to consider if you don’t want your child to lose their creativity but still need to be able to see outside your windows. These can help you save time and give you peace of mind.

  • Crayola Window Crayons; You can get crayons in many bright and bold colours so that your child doesn’t have a hard time choosing. The crayons are easy to wash and go on smoothly. This is great news for cleaning windows. They dry quickly and can be used on any glass surface, including cars or houses.
  • Washable window markers: Here is a pack of brighter colours in marker form. These colours can be used on mirrors, picture frames, and windows.
  • Window writers: These marker-like pens look very similar to washable markers. These pens are still available in bright colours and can be washed easily.

Remove Permanent Marker, Marker, and Crayon

There are many methods to remove art from windows. Some require skill, while others only need a cloth. These are some simple steps to remove crayons and markers from glass windows.

Have you used crayons or washable markers?

  • Use a glass cleaner to clean the area.
  • Use a dry, clean cloth or a paper towel to wipe away the cleaner.
  • Use a dry towel, paper towel, or cloth towel to wipe it clean.

Use a dry cloth to clean crayons or markers. If you don’t, the crayons or markers could get smudged. These are not chemical options and may require you to scrub. If the window isn’t tinted, you can use Acetone to remove nail polish or rubbing alcohol with a sponge or cloth. If you have any questions or need assistance, please consult a professional.


Safety measures are essential for kid-proof windows. Children are most likely to fall at home. While cleaning your windows will not prevent accidents from happening, these tips can.

  • Special “Childproof” Locks for Windows: These locks can be used on all types of windows. These locks prevent children from opening windows by themselves.
  • Window Guards: This grill-like window protector is difficult to open for children younger than five years old, but it is very easy for adults to use in an emergency.
  • Screens: All screens must be used in conjunction with other childproof methods like locks or guards.
  • Cordless Shades: These handy gadgets can be used on your windows to eliminate the risk of cords and blinds strangling you.
  • Window stops: These handy devices prevent your window’s opening from going too far. The majority of stops are simple to use and allow you to control how far the window opens.

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