How to clean your window screens the best

How to clean your window screens the best

It’s springtime. It’s the perfect time to open the curtains and let the fresh air flow through your home. We have some tips to help you maximize the cross-breeze inside your home.

Your screens are likely looking a bit dingy, no matter if they have been there all year or if you just brought them up from the basement to do their seasonal installation. They are supposed to keep bugs from getting into your home so they will likely be looking a little grimy. Dirty screens can block the breeze and even obscure your view. Don’t worry. Window screens are a simple DIY job that doesn’t require a lot of equipment or elbow grease.

You’ll need to organize your thoughts. You will be able to organize your project and make it move faster by creating a game plan.

  • You need to decide WHERE you will do the cleaning. It’s best to choose an area that is flat and open like your yard or driveway.
  • It’s a good idea to put down towels or a tarp so that your screens are dry and safe.
  • You will need a handheld vacuum, microfiber towel, soft-bristled toothbrush, sponge, sponge, bucket, simple water + dish soap mixture, and a garden hose.

Tip: If your window screens differ in size or shape, tape each one to remind you which window it belongs to. Let’s clean!

  1. Take out the dust, leaves, and other small things. You can remove all that with a gentle brush or wipe it down with a microfiber towel.
  2. You don’t own a brush or want to do more dry cleaning? A handheld vacuum can do the trick, sucking out all the grime that has built up over the last year.
  3. It’s time to wash the screen! Use gentle circular motions to remove the grime. Dip the sponge in soapy water, then scrub the screen.
  4. Rinse and repeat as necessary
  5. To dry your screens, lay them out on a towel or tarp.

You’re done! Now, you can reinstall the screens.

If you want to keep your screen clean and maintain a pleasant breeze, and a clear view, it is essential that you do so at least once or twice per year. Did you know that there is another benefit? It’s not rain that makes windows dirty… it is rain blasting through dirty screens that make them dirty! To maintain your screens between cleanings you can simply vacuum them once in a while.

If you don’t want to do this yourself, ask the professionals! WishyWasy Windows may clean your screens while they are out cleaning windows this spring. Ask about adding a screen-cleaning service.

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