Buying Window Cleaner Products from Bunnings on a Budget? It’s Not as Hard as You Think

Confused about which DIY window cleaner products from Bunnings to buy?

Window cleaner products from bunnings

Buying window cleaner products from Bunnings on a budget doesn’t have to be hard! Let me tell you why.

Why purchase DIY window cleaner products from Bunnings?

Why should you purchase DIY window cleaner product from Bunnings? Well, If you’re looking to buy window cleaner products from Bunnings (or anywhere else) you’ve come to the right place.  Below we will tell you why you should purchase these.

As we are professional window cleaners, here at Wishy Washy Windows were here to give you the best advice.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of buying window cleaner products from Bunnings.

Advantages of buying window cleaner products from Bunnings:

1. Low cost
2. Easy to return
3. Reputable brands

Disadvantages of buying window cleaner products from Bunnings

1. Confusion on how to use window cleaner products

2. Not sure which window cleaner products are actually useful

3. May not even use the window cleaner products

4. Waste of time and money purchasing unnecessary window cleaner products.

Which window cleaner products from Bunnings are actually useful?

a window cleaner cleaning dirt off a window


Range of Use

The first thing you would ask yourself before purchasing window cleaner products from Bunnings is: what is my scope of work?

As much as we believe in our own ability sometimes its better to realise our limitations. This is true with window cleaning. Are we taking on cleaning too many windows? Is it just the INSIDE of my windows I want to clean? Will this product clean all parts of the window or will I only partially clean my windows? Is this investment worth it?

Time to Learn

When it comes to window cleaning I’m sure that most of us agree we can wipe a window clean with some windex. However when it comes to using a squeegee professionally to clean a window; its not surprising that many of us struggle. 

Even as a professional window cleaner it has taken many a long time to learn proper window cleaning technique. So, if you want to buy a squeegee – be prepared to invest the time to learn how to use a squeegee. It is surprisingly difficult not to leave streaks. That being said you may get some decent results with some effort. However you must ask yourself: “when does it become more viable just to get a professional window cleaner in?

If you do reach the point where you don’t have the time or get sick of using window cleaner products from Bunnings: visit our homepage on


What is your budget when buying window cleaner products from Bunnings? Is it worth buying an expensive Karcher window cleaner if you’re only going to clean a few windows? How about the outside – will a Karcher even be able to reach that height?

Woman cleans her own windows which are streak free

What starting window cleaner items to buy from bunnings

In summary: While we wont recommended specific brands/items to buy, a general rule is : if you want to buy starter window cleaner items from Bunnings start small and work your way up.

Some basics may include; a plastic squeegee(no more than a few dollars), some windex, a basic cleaning solution, a nice cleaning cloth to apply and finally something to wipe off. Once you have ventured into trying window cleaning with these items only then would it be recommended that you look into purchasing better cleaning products.

And hey, if you don’t like window cleaning or you find its taking too much time – you havn’t wasted your money.

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